What’s in the sauce?

Well, start with a base of a Julie and two Daves. Then add a generous portion of rich storytelling, a side of comedy and season with heart. Trust us, you’ll want a little Secret Sauce on all your productions!

Julie Stall, Dave Beatty and Dave Pemberton - three experienced media professionals - have come together and are cooking up new content for kids and grown-ups alike. They make shorts, full length series, longform specials, movies and accompanying multi-platform content. They’re live action, they’re animated and they’re not afraid to mix them up all with a zesty twist, whether it’s for broadcast television, digital & interactive media, or branded content.

The Secret Sauce Team


Julie Stall

Partner/Executive Producer

Julie Stall has been entertaining, inspiring and educating millions of kids around the world for over 25 years. Prior to forming Secret Sauce, she served as the Senior Vie-President, Production for Portfolio Entertainment. As a key member of the executive team, she oversaw the planning, implementation and growth of their animation studio, servicing animation for the domestic and international markets. A children’s television executive and award-winning producer, Julie has delivered hundreds of hours of outstanding programming to broadcasters at home and abroad. Her productions include the beloved Dr. Seuss brand The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (PBS/Treehouse), the hit pre-school adventure series Doki (Discovery Kids Latin America), and a number of tween comedy series for Teletoon including Freaktown, RoboRoach, and Carl Squared.

Julie also served as Vice-President, Production for Cambium Productions (now CCI Entertainment) and oversaw the production of several live-action children’s series and prime-time documentary music specials.

What’s her secret sauce?

Julie strikes a perfect balance of sugar and spice. On the sweet side - she loves kids, is passionate about strong storytelling and is a champion of creators and artists. Julie is a true collaborator and is known for her ability to nurture each project to its creative potential. Oh, and she manages to do it on time and budget – that’s where things get spicy!


Dave Beatty

Partner/Creative Producer

Even after years in the entertainment business, Dave’s parents still don’t understand what he does for a living. You can’t really blame them because Dave’s done so much. From live action and live events to puppets and stop motion animation, Dave has worked on an amazing breadth of kids productions.

Recently, Dave served as Creative Head of Studio for Portfolio Entertainment. He was the Creative Producer for the animated comedy Freaktown (Teletoon), Doki (Discovery Kids Latin America), and a number of specials for The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (PBS/Treehouse).

Prior to this post, Dave produced Johnny Test (Teletoon and Cartoon Network) and Glenn Martin DDS (CityTv and Nickelodeon). As a senior Producer, Writer and Director, Dave also owned and operated Story City – a leading Toronto pre-production studio specializing in design, boarding, editing and post production. He has also worked in live-action production, including in-house producer and director for children’s production at YTV Canada. Dave earned his comedy chops working with the talented team on SCTV. He’s earned Daytime Emmy Award nominations and Canadian Screen Awards for his work.

What’s his secret sauce?

Dave’s a little salty, and always serves up a savory treat. He produces at the highest level and won’t quit until he knows it’s right. Plus, he’s pretty funny. Now if he could only explain to his folks what he does…


Dave Pemberton

Partner/Creative Director

Dave Pemberton is one of Canada’s most sought-after story artists whose career in the animation industry spans more than 25 years. In fact, Dave has been around long enough to remember working with pencils and paper!

Most recently, Dave has been storyboarding for some of Canada’s pre-eminent shows like Abby Hatcher Fuzzly Catcher (Nickelodeon), Bubble Guppies (Nickelodeon), The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (PBS/Treehouse), Johnny Test (Teletoon/Cartoon Network), Freaktown (Teletoon) and The Backyardigans (Nick Jr./Treehouse).

Prior to freelance storyboarding, Dave worked in studios throughout Ontario, lending his talents to design and layout departments. He moved on to become Director for several animated series at Nelvana including Dog City with the Jim Henson Company and Ace Venture: Pet Detective for CBS. Whether the show is produced in 2D or 3D, broadcast or digital, Dave brings his outstanding storytelling abilities to each and every project.

What’s his secret sauce?

Dave’s storyboards are a meal unto themselves. He is a masterful visual storyteller. He can draw, he can pose, he can stage. He brings characters to life and scripts into cinema. He can make a mean smoked pork shoulder too.