Let Us Be Your Secret Sauce!

We love to collaborate. Whether you’re interested in partnering with us on one of our ideas or you’ve got something on tap, let’s create something great together – the possibilities are endless. 

Co-Venture and International CoProduction

We are master chefs when it comes to partnerships, be it co-ventures or treaty co-productions. We also make great sous-chefs! We can provide as much or as little Secret Sauce as you need.

Project Consultation

We’ll dig in to help shape up your pitch, write a bible or set visual style & art direction.

Production Planning

We can help get your project on the rails including budgeting, scheduling and financing. 

Animation Pre-Production

From managing scripts, voice-records, design, storyboard and animatics to liaising with partner animation studios through project completion we can do it all.

Animation Services

Along with our partner Pixels & Coffee Media, we can provide full animation production services including storyboards, design, rigging, layout & background, animation, compositing and visual FX.

End to End Production


We produce and show run from script to final delivery, including key creative, project management, financing and tax credit administration.

If you have a previously produced production and need it versioned for the North American market we got the perfect recipe. From script translation and adaptation to voice record and sound design we can make it work for any English language market.

training and membership

We’ve learned a thing or two and now it’s time to pass it along.  We offer workshops for skill-building, talent training and development.