What’s the


Well if we told you…it wouldn’t be a secret! But what we can tell you is that…Secret Sauce Entertainment is a new Canadian media production company that combines fresh ideas, top-tier talent, experienced leadership and turns it into award-winning entertainment. Our promise is that every project will have its own special recipe, perfectly blended to ensure that it’s rich, distinct and stands out in the marketplace.

Located in Toronto and Cambridge Ontario, we straddle Toronto’s arts and entertainment scene and Kitchener-Waterloo’s high-tech hub. Secret Sauce blends the best of both worlds.



• 1 Julie

• 2 Daves

• 1 generous portion rich storytelling

• 1 handful of characters

• 1 side of comedy

• season with heart


Combine the 3 experienced media professionals. Let rise and they’ll produce a fresh new batch of content for kids and grown-ups alike

Flavours: live, animated or mixed (with a zesty twist) 

Sizes: shorts, series, specials, movies and multi-platform

Bake 360 degrees. Serve while hot!